Refund & Cancellation Policy

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  1. Sign-up Charge: The Driver is required to pay a one-time, non-refundable Sign-up Charge to enroll in the battery swapping network of the Company.
  2. Security Deposit: Before renting Batteries from the Company, the Driver must deposit an interest-free security deposit as specified in the pricing and subscription plan chosen by the customer.
  3. Rejoining Terms: If the Driver terminates their relationship with the Company and later re-joins the battery swapping network, they must make payments for the Sign-up Charge and Security Deposit afresh.
  4. Daily Charge/Rent: The Driver is liable to pay a per-day charge as specified in the pricing plan for renting the Batteries, regardless of daily usage/swapping.
  5. Modification of Charges: The Company reserves the right to amend or modify the Battery Rental Charges or associated terms and conditions by providing prior notice to the Driver. If the Driver does not agree to the modifications, they may terminate the Agreement, forfeiting the Sign-up Charge.
  6. Security Deposit Adjustment: The Company is authorized to adjust any outstanding dues of the Driver against the Security Deposit. Any remaining Security Deposit shall be refunded to the Driver within 60 days of the Agreement's termination.
  7. Termination Terms: If the Agreement is terminated by the Driver or the Company for cause, the Sign-up Charge shall be forfeited by the Driver or retained by the Company, respectively.
  By enrolling in the battery swapping network, the Driver agrees to abide by these terms and conditions outlined herein.